“Did you know that it’s possible to have a period without products?”

“Natural Flow has completely changed my life! I fully embrace my feminine power and see my period as a blessing.”

Let’s be real. The majority of women consider their period as a burden:

  • Overwhelming emotions
  • Cramps
  • Period pain
  • and more…

We conditioned ourselves to feel uncomfortable, annoyed or ashamed about our bodies because we grew up in a generation of women who were taught to hide their periods.

This often results in a disconnection of your body and mind.

  • Instead of listening to our bodies needs – we ignore and numb it.
  • Instead of slowing down – we expect us to be more productive.
  • And instead of allowing the flow to come out naturally, we do the opposite – we „plug“ it and want it to stop.

The female cycle is an inseparable part of a women’s life. If you have a female body, life is based around your female cycle – whether you realize it or not, whether you pay attention to it or not.

You will be spending roughly 2,555 days menstruating in your life. These are 7 years of your lifetime!

The question is, how do you want to spend these days?

We’ve lost all the sacred knowledge of women…

In many traditions like Yoga Tantra and the Chinese Tao, the female cycle is the key to a vibrant, love-filled life for women. It is the doorway to creative energy, deep wisdom and sensuality.

This is why I created Natural Flow™

Natural Flow is about recognizing the rhythm of your body that tells you when your next „wave of menstrual blood“ is coming, so you can go to the bathroom and release it. That’s it!

  • It is an alternative to tampons, pads and cups
  • You respect your body’s cyclic nature
  • And connect and listen to your body’s needs

You will step into your infinite feminine power and connect to the deep inner wisdom of your body.

Transform your period days into your blissful celebration days.

Let me share with you why I believe that this is the biggest investment you can make as a woman for your health, happiness and well-being!

Hey, I am Alisa…

I am a female empowerment and transformation coach. I am certified yoga and meditation teacher, NLP practitioner and speaker. I founded Femflow, a platform for women’s empowerment and self-transformation, that aims to expand women’s pleasure potential and harness the power of the menstrual cycle to live a vibrant life.

On my journey, I met an Israeli doula that initiated me into this sacred female knowledge. Up until this day, my period was never part of my priority list. It was there, I knew how to deal with it and that was it.

I was skeptical at first (…maybe you too?) but I gave it a chance.

I asked myself is this a real thing? Is this possible? How can working consciously with my period change my life?

The truth is: it was one of the biggest investments I ever made in myself.

  • I ditched tampons completely
  • I started being excited about my period days
  • and I deepen the connection to my body and mind with every cycle

I realized that the period is NOT what is holding you back from a thriving life and career. Only the lack of awareness and understanding of how to work with it consciously.

Natural Flow™ Online Program

• 7 Modules
• 32 Video Lessons
• Playbook
• Practical Exercises, Hands-On Guide, Immersive Reflections
• Guided Body Meditation

Natural Flow™ can help you to …

  • have less period days
  • have a lighter flow
  • experience less pain and PMS
  • reduce stress and elevate your everyday mood
  • tap into more vitality and creative energy for the things in life you truly love
  • step into your infinite feminine power and connect to the deep inner wisdom of your body

The Only Program That Helps You To Transition To A Product-Free Period And Embrace Your Celebration Days

Get The Natural Flow Program Now!

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What Women Say About The Program

“For me, attending Alisa´s program proved to be a game-changer. It completely changed the way I view my period: pre-, during and post-. Even though I have been developing a loving relationship to my body for some years now, I still had negative thoughts and feelings when it came to my menstruation. Since the program, I welcome my period each time because I have accepted it for the beautiful thing it is: piece of what makes me a woman. And the relationship with my body has grown deeper and more conscious.”


“You have changed my life! I had my period last week. I had a few days off work.. so I could really focus on myself and my body! And I was surprised how easy this natural flow is. Thank you so much again for this amazing program and the effect on my life...!
I am a little bit sad as well... you know... you have to get thirty to get to know your body properly and to feel comfortable to be a woman and so on... it´s kind of crazy.. but anyway... better now then never.”

ChristaUnited Kingdom

“I haven’t used any menstrual product since this program and I am loving it! This is my new-found freedom!”


“This program is a gift! I received my period with such a pleasure and excitement. I allowed myself to spend my period days with a good friend, then I picked up my daughter from the Kindergarten and we were going for a walk almost for one hour. I had less pain in my lower belly than usually. I am so happy. I feel so much gratitude and love for my body. Your program changed my life. I hope that every woman and mother get to know this!”


“I tried the natural flow method and I managed since some months now :)) Thank you again for opening my mind to new horizons.”


Your menstrual cycle is one of the most powerful tools you have as a woman. Reclaim the power of your period!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a best time during my cycle to start with the program?

Any time of the month is the perfect time to get started.

Is it possible that I am too old or too young to learn this?

No matter what age you are, or what experiences you had with your period: the female cycle is the most powerful tool you have as a woman! In this program we had girls who just received their periods for the first time and women who were approaching menopause. What is important is not your age, but your willingness to connect deeper with the inner wisdom of your body and the feminine essence of your being.

How can this help my PMS and other negative symptoms?

Pain and suffering arises when our system is out of alignment and we work against the natural rhythm of our bodies. This often happens unconsciously: we are not aware that we are harming our body and suppressing our core bodies needs. The more consciousness and awareness we bring to our bodies (to our period and our female cycle) the more we can notice what our body needs in order to thrive and heal itself.

Natural Flow is rooted in mindfulness. A mindfulness-based approach to reduce PMS, period pain and more is not only derived from ancient philosophies and practices but is also backed up by science. Natural Flow helps you to re-connect with the natural rhythm of your body, re-gain your intuitive connection and honor your period days.

Is the Natural Flow for me?

Every woman, her body and menstrual experience is unique. There is no one-size-fit solution. 

Natural Flow is a possible alternative to tampons, pads and cups. But it can also be combined with every product of your choice, and you can also for example choose to apply it only during night time but not during day time. Or during the last days of your flow but not the first day. Everything is possible and it is your empowered choice to make! 

If you have certain conditions like e.g. very heavy bleeding, endometriosis, deformed cervix – learning Natural Flow can be challenging. However, the Natural Flow program can befit you immensely even in these cases by helping you to reduce stress, receive more body awareness and support your emotional healing of these conditions. Also, the amount, frequency and rhythm of your bleeding changes over a life time. That means that if you don’t manage right away to apply this method at every day of your period, this can certainly change later on. 

And last but not least: learning this method is like learning a new language. In the end it depends on you – how much practice, how much effort and how much time you put into your learning and self-discovering.  

Is it possible to buy this program as a gift for my daughter?

Yes, absolutely! This program can be a wonderful initiation ritual into womanhood.

What happens when I purchase the program?

You will receive your log-in data for the program that is accessible on the website and you are ready to get started with the first module. Easy and simple!

Can I book an additional 1o1 session with Alisa?

Sure! If you feel that you need extra support or want to dive deeper into your feminine journey than I am more than happy to support you sister. Drop me a line at alisa@femflow.org and I will get back to you as soon as possible.